Health and Well Being Commmitte Cannot weight until New Year £ for LB Challenge

Yes … I know it’s not the right use of the word weight but it’s the time for year for terrible puns so excuse me on this occasion !

Moving swiftly on the Health and Wellbeing committee met in Clonlee and it was chaired by Lynne Mellon, Deputy Nurse Manager . They are planning a £ for lb challenge, starting in the new year which will last for 12 weeks and the member of staff with the highest weight loss with in the group will be awarded the winning £’s. There is also an award to the most participating home so the challenge has been set – let us all eat and be merry over the festive season because Lynne and team are after us !
Along with other matters  the group discussed taking part in Care Shop Challenge to raise money and awareness for Action Cancer. This is interesting and will generate a lot of involvement within the homes. Well done to Lynne and her team – very worthy cause.