Happy 60th Birthday to Laura McCrum from Clonlee

What a day at Clonlee as Laura McCrum celebrated her 60th birthday and she was looking forward to it so much that she started the celebrations early in the week with an outing with her family. Next up was a day spent with her son Ian who took her out to lunch and back in time to party in Clonlee and get pampered with Miss Prim, the local beautician, who came to pamper the ladies in Clonlee.

Laura was delighted with the results and recommended Miss Prim to all the staff and visitors and just when she thought it could not get any better, Robert, made her a special coffee cake for her birthday.

Laura finished off her celebrations by having lunch in Ellie May’s with her special friends….well it’s not every day a girl becomes 60!
Age is just a number, and your’s is rather high,
but don’t take it to harshly, We love you to the sky!  
Let’s leave  the last word to Laura herself …..”I’m just an 18 year old with 42 years experience”.