Glenkeen ‘Allotted’ First Prize in Hutchinson Care Homes Annual Bake Off Competition

On Friday the 1st of September a small group from Glenkeen went over to Ballyclare nursing home for the annual cake bake off. The theme this year was garden so a great opportunity for a nice wide range for ideas.
Planning went on for the whole week in advance with many residents helping with ideas and recommendations as to what we should do.
We thought an allotment would be nice so went ahead making a shed out of paper and card. Input from Mary Kelly was good as she had previously helped her father a builder and who was able to manage a building project. This was on a much smaller scale but roofing, gutters and a water butt were added as was a white picket fence.
The next day more ideas came from Pearl who said a bench and tools were needed.
We managed to Google how to make fondant icing with marshmallows and icing sugar. The sticky icing was made into vegetables, food colouring was added for a more realistic colour while Rose Anne helped paint the veg and kept laughing as she went.
It was decided that Mary and Madge should go to the bake off and assemble the cake at Ballyclare.
Mud was made by making a coffee chocolate buttercream icing which looked good. We had an hour to put things together, veg was planted in rows marked by paper flags made from cocktail sticks.
The end product we were happy with and we were awarded first prize and a certificate to prove it. Well done to everyone at Glenkeen who was involved.