Exotic Animals on Show at Antrim Care Home

No not the staff – how could you think that ?

I digress….animals do so much good for people and the residents at Antrim Care home are animal crazy!

That’s why we invited Casey from Casey’s Creatures to come give us visit with lots of his exotic animals! The residents had a fantastic time learning about the animals and getting to hold them as well! Casey brought an owl (it was a hoot!), a mother possum and her six babies, a desert hedgehog called Conkers, a meerkat, a boa constrictor, a chameleon and a tarantula. Casey taught our residents all about the animals and everyone got to pet and hold them – if they wanted and some were braver than others.

It was a wonderful experience so a BIG THANKS to Casey from everyone at Antrim Care Home and we look forward to seeing you and your friends once again very soon.