Celebrating St Brigid’s Day and the coming of Spring at Ballyclare

Everyone at Ballyclare Private Nursing Homes  has had a lovely few days recently celebrating the life of our other signifcant Irish saint, Brigid.
Jack who is a dab hand at cutting learned the skill of making St Brigid’s crosses to decorate our dining room. Today we will be having our church service to remember her healing work and charity to the sick, hungry and poor.
Normally the crosses are made from reeds, but we decided to try paper as it easier for our residents to handle and fold.
St Brigid died on 1st February and the snowdrop was the flower in bloom at that time of year and like the shamrock is to St Patrick, the humble snowdrop is her flower. I think you will all agree it is a beautiful flower.
Let us remember all the unnamed care workers, nurses, domestics and cooks who work every day in our Hutchinson family as they give their loving care, healing and sustainance to those who need it and let us also think of those who do the same work in wartorn places, far from home who like our dear St Brigid, gave her life to those in need.