Hutchinson Care Homes Business Strategy

Our Purpose

Hutchinson Care Homes’ purpose is to provide the elderly people of Northern Ireland with assurance that if they need nursing care, they can rely on us for a quality service.

Our aim is to ensure that people can enjoy living in one of our homes where they feel safe, fulfilled and comfortable.

We always keep connected to our business needs and use our extensive experience to continually improve what people being cared for want and need now, and in the future too.

Our Values

Our company values are an expression of the way in which everyone working within Hutchinson Care Homes is expected to behave. Our experience has also shown us the importance of actively seeking out likeminded partners and stakeholders who we feel share our values.


Caring is at the heart of everything we do and at Hutchinson Care Homes we are committed to making sure each and every one of our patients feels cared for.

Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy helps us identify and respond to the things that make our staff feel valued and cared for too. We are committed to promoting opportunities for our employees to engage in improving their personal health and well-being.


We believe that we have to trust one another as individuals and value the capabilities and contributions of each person .We have on-going dedicated respect training to ensure this message is continually emphasised.


We conduct all aspects of our business with integrity, for example paying our suppliers within agreed time limits, doing what we say we will do and generally treating people fairly – in the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are a diverse and inclusive organisation and welcome the enrichment we gain from getting to know people from different backgrounds than ourselves.

Our Objectives

The Review of Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland ‘Transforming your Care’ ( 2011 ) sets out the case for strategic change for all of us working in healthcare to be better at delivering a high quality, evidence based service.

By 2020 the number of people over 75 years is expected to increase by 40% from that in 2009. Longer life expectancy is of course something to celebrate however among the older elderly, rates of ill health also increase dramatically.

The policy aim for some time has been to shift care from institutional settings to home and community settings.

We believe we are already positioned to respond to many of these changes by our determination to stretch and exploit our capabilities in elderly and Dementia Care and to continue to pursue innovation in practice.

Our own objectives also reflect many of the themes and objectives identified in ‘Transforming Your Care’.

Our Palliative Care service at Drummaul House is one of the ways we have already been able to effectively respond to this.

Our award winning specialist Dementia Home, Massereene Manor, whilst responding to policy aims, provides our own local people with the very best in Dementia Care.

As a private sector organisation our main business objective is to maintain viability to provide Hutchinson Care Homes and all our staff with security and to facilitate business development.

Maintaining high occupancy levels helps us respond to growth opportunities as they may arise and means we can recruit, retain and reward people who share our vision and values.

Our plan is to continually improve our service and the physical environment within our homes.

Six out of our seven homes have already achieved Investors in People Awards providing a strategic framework for business improvement. We aim to achieve this recognition for our recent acquisition , Antrim Care Home by the end of 2017.

The next phase of our work towards embedding the standards of My Home Life involve management from Clareview and Drummaul House developing programmes  for use within our homes.

By December 2017 we will have completed an extensive refurbishment and upgrade  to Antrim Care Home and achieved full occupancy in order to achieve and sustain financial viability.

By July 2017 our bespoke Homecare service ‘Hutchinson at Home’ will have been operational for 3 years .At this milestone we intend to have developed and strengthened our staff and our service in Antrim and the surrounding area  to reflect our strategy to be the preferred local Homecare service

We believe we can achieve all our objectives through our commitment to focusing on our core values and by promoting and improving the positive aspects of living in the care home setting.

Governance Structure within Hutchinson Care Homes.

Hutchinson Care Homes is a family owned and run business.

The organisation is structured in such a way as to facilitate succession planning which may include family and also non family members.

Directors Janet Montgomery and Naomi Carey take particular responsibility for strategic planning and development within the group.

The directors have sufficient knowledge and information to enable them to make those significant decisions which can take the business forward through inevitable changes, assertively and confidently.

The Directors have the required competencies to enable them to scrutinise the activities of managers.

Unlike the P.L.C, the Hutchinson Care Homes model has the benefit that when there is an identified need to employ resources there can be flexibility to do so – in other words, return to shareholders does not have to be a priority.

There is a formal but healthy, contractual relationship with the lending bank, built up over many years which provides support and allows scope for making strategic developments.

For more information email Janet Montgomery, Director Hutchinson Care Homes at or Naomi Carey, Director Hutchinson Care Homes at