Birthday Surprise for Phill Gorgon from Residents and Staff at Clonlee

Her face was a picture of delight and surprise as Phill Gorgon received a birthday present from June Law on behalf of the residents and friends in Clonlee.

Phill, who comes into Clonlee regularly to put the residents through their paces with Rhythm and Music was very surprised and delighted.

The residents look forward each month to Phill’s session, when she plays music, music quiz and encourages them to play the tambourines with great gusto!
Phill tells us that music as a language is a very powerful medium, and the memory of a song stays with the resident much longer than regular memories, which in turn gives them a happier outlook on life, enhances mood, reduces tension and anxiety also improves memory and recall.
Well Phill – enjoy your birthday and come back soon.