Birthday Celebrations for Jackie and Adeline at Clonlee

There was a lot of party atmosphere at Clonlee recently as Care Assistant Jackie and Housekeeper Adeline celebrated their special birthday’s in Clonlee. Jackie has turned 30 and Adeline 18 and both girls were delighted when their friends and colleagues surprised them with a cake for afternoon tea break.
Jackie was told that even though you are not in your 20s anymore it was still no reason to celebrate as 30 marks the true beginning of adulthood.
So here is a wee bit of advice from the residents:
 ‘We heard you were turning 30, We didn’t have a clue, You look so young and youthful, Is it really true? Enjoy your brand new decade. Enjoy your special day. Enjoy life while you can because you’ll soon be turning GREY.
Jackie you are still 18 with 12 years experience!
Some more sage advice to Adeline from the residents:
‘You don’t get to turn 18 everyday. This will be a year that you will cherish all your life so make the most of it. …. A Golden era for your life starts now – Happy 18th birthday…and we all know you are only a 10 year old kid with 8 years of experience.’
Happy Birthday to you both from all the residents and staff in Clonlee.