Beautiful Flower Arranging at Clonlee

The flower arranging activity is very popular among the residents and we were very honoured to have Jennifer from Antrim Floral Art Club to give us some very helpful advise in perfecting the perfect floral arrangement. “It really is such fun and they don’t stop laughing the entire time and giving each other advice”. 

Research has proven that there are many benefits of flower arranging for older people as well as enabling residents to be creative and use their imagination, it also encourages use of the fingers and hands as well. It is a great stress reliever, promoting a calm atmosphere. …..The ladies were so delighted in the finished product that they made sure the arrangements were displayed around the lounge, where they proudly showed them of to family and friends.

Thanks to Jennifer for her help and advice and the ladies have her booked again for the Christmas arrangements…….


Some of the floral arrangements by residents