Anyone seen Syd from Clareview? Is that him in Activity Nurse Paula’s Coat Pocket ?

How many Syds do you know ?  Do you remember when British Gas floated in 1986, its Tell Sid advertising campaign gave it one of the highest profiles of any privatisation in the 80s. Well residents and staff at Clareview met another Sid recently ..spelt Syd.

Syd came to visit us today and some of us (activity nurse Paula, who arranged to have Syd visit) were less keen than others to see him!

Syd is a Corn Snake, known for their docile nature and reluctance to bite. Corn Snakes lack functional venom and help control populations of wild rodents that damage crops and spread disease.

Some say the corn snake is named as it’s found near grain stores, where it prays in mice and rats that eat harvested corn.   Others say it’s named as its distinctive under belly scales resembles the kernels of variegated corn.

In the wild, these snakes live 6/8 years, and grow up to 6 ft.  Syd is almost 9 and is almost 6ft long and is owned by Anne, one of our care assistants. Anne has owned Syd since he was the size of a pencil and he’s often found in the pockets of her hoodies!

Our residents loved Syd, shocking us all by showing no fear at all!   Syd even took time to familiarise himself with fire extinguisher instructions, in case Director Stephen Montgomery called in unexpectedly .

Now we need to persuade Grace our Kitchen Assistant to bring her bearded dragon in for a visit !